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YourĀ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultancy Package

Ensuring that organisations offer safe places where everyone feels as though they belong is an ambition many aspire to.

Strawberry Words works with organisations to identify specific needs and gaps, devise a strategy, and help organisations achieve their DEI aims. We often deliver this type of work through a consultancy relationship. This means that for an agreed monthly fee, we deliver pre-arranged prescribed work over an agreed period.

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How we work

For some organisations, a one-off project is not sufficient in achieving its EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) outputs. Often, more time, research and consideration is needed to see and feel tangible results. For these organisations, we recommend delivering work on a retainer basis.

This means so long as the monthly fee is paid (which can be cancelled at any time after 12 months), the buyer has access to services such as:

  1. Facilitating listening exercises to discover staff membersā€™ thoughts on inclusion.
  2. Assessing policies, exit interviews, project evaluations, resources, programme analysis for effectiveness in reaching diverse communities, examination of the recruitment process, website, etcā€¦ to identify gaps.
  3. Writing reports based on the findings and making recommendations.
  4. Developing and designing training.
  5. AccessĀ toĀ any of our online CPD-accredited antiracism courses.

...and much more.

Birmingham 2022 Festival

Birmingham 2022 Festival commissioned Strawberry Words to support diverse leaders from the West Midlands-based creative organisations in receipt of Arts Council England funding for the Elevate programme. The aim was to increase leadership knowledge and capabilities, recognising that this can be more challenging for marginalised leaders.

Participants took part in tailored training covering: Governance, sustainability and scaling up, policy and fundraising and finances. They also received 1-1 assistance to further aid growth.

Ruth Power

Director of People & Culture

Birmingham Hippodrome

We chose Strawberry Words because Rebbecca is based in Birmingham and knew the challenges that we faced as a City. Rebbecca also has experience of and appreciation for the Arts sector. With those two elements combined, Strawberry Words felt and proved to be the right fit for us.

Irma Deeming

Estate Agency Branch Manager

Rebbecca was a great mix of professionalism, encouragement and vibrancy when facilitating for my company. Without her, there would have been no structure, no decisions and no end! Thank you Rebbecca for your efforts to understand our business, your tolerance when we inevitably steered away from the topic and of course for making sense of all of our thoughts and actions and collating everything for us after our sessions.

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