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Time to Talk About Race Online CPD Course

Talking about racism can seem difficult and uncomfortable. Why not start the process of building your racial le The temptation can be to avoid discussion. However, issues around race seldom disappear. This CPD accredited course provides a foundational education on racism to help to increase racial literacy which includes building confidence to speak about and deal with issues concerning race. It provides a language through which meaningful conversation can take place (particularly in the workplace).

Here's Whats Included

Module 1: Race
1.1 Defining racism
1.2 Impact of racism
1.3 Key terms
1.4 Language

Module 2: Unconscious Bias
2.1 Defining unconscious bias
2.2 Types of unconscious bias
2.3 Debiasing techniques

Module 3: Microaggressions
3.1 Defining microaggressions & problems with the term
3.2 Three types of microaggressions
3.3 Impact
3.4 Coping mechanisms
3.5 Micro-affirmations
3.6 Frequently asked questions

What People Are Saying:

“It was all really great but the best thing I think was the way it ignited conversations relative to our organisation.”

University of Sussex

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